Helping Commodity Quay earn its green credentials

The growing market demand for smarter, more efficient, green buildings has made sustainable construction a commercial priority for developers, construction companies and investors.
While progressively tough regulation is an undeniably powerful factor, the increased demand is primarily the result of a greater awareness of the business and financial benefits that sustainable buildings provide.
A number of recent research projects confirm that sustainable buildings are now seen as a means of cutting operating costs as well as demonstrating a practical commitment to environmental and socially responsible business.  They also offer a more attractive – and healthier – proposition to users, whether that’s employees, students or prospective tenants.
Our lighting management systems backed by our skills and expertise are in demand by clients all over the world who recognise the role played by an effective lighting control system in creating operationally efficient buildings capable of securing the highest BREEAM and LEED ratings.
Commodity Quay
Delmatic is supplying a comprehensive DALI lighting management system to Commodity Quay, a redevelopment project that is breathing new life into an existing office building located in St Katharine’s Dock, the only marina in the historic heart of London.  Scheduled for completion in December 2013, the development project will transform the building into a multi-use, light-filled facility designed to minimise environmental impact and earn the highest possible green “credentials”.
The Delmatic system incorporates different control strategies, each of which is chosen because of its suitability to the space and usage, thereby allowing more flexible yet effective control of lighting.  The system controls, manages and monitors lighting throughout the building.  Lighting in tenant office areas, reception and landlord’s core areas is controlled using DALI addressable luminaires linked to a central control system through DALI Buswire and DALI plug-in modules.
Energy usage is further optimised by DALI multisensors and presence detectors which provide presence-related lighting control throughout the building and daylight dimming at the perimeters of the tenanted offices.
Lighting in the reception and entrance areas is controlled by Dali scene-setting modules and panels.
The Delmatic system also monitors emergency lighting throughout the building, even in areas such as plant rooms, the roof, stores, stair cores that are controlled by mains presence detectors supplied by Delmatic.
Sustainability, Skills and the Future of Engineering
The lack of high-level ‘green’ skills are often cited as one of the factors limiting the potential growth of the sustainable construction sector.  However, it’s not only in the sustainable sector that clients value suppliers with technology expertise and new ideas.  An article that appeared in “The Times” as part of a feature on the “Future of Engineering” highlighted the importance of these factors in the customer’s decision making process.   Delmatic was one of the UK-based companies featured in the article, each of which was supporting clients all over the world with a rare blend of advanced technology, technical expertise and innovative flair.
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