New Masdar City Office in Abu Dhabi

Delmatic has expanded its presence in the Gulf region with the opening of a new office in Masdar City, the world’s most advanced sustainable urban development which is located in Abu Dhabi.
The new office not only ensures Delmatic’s customers in Abu Dhabi and the adjoining Emirates have fast, easy access to advice and support, it also demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to the Gulf region, and to helping the city achieve its sustainability objectives.  
Delmatic has had an active presence in Arabia for more than thirty years from the early 1970s, when we were key players on pioneering projects in a number of Gulf states, to our ongoing involvement with many of the most prestigious and iconic buildings across the region.
In contrast with other suppliers, Delmatic does not expect clients to ‘make do’ with the occasional attention of local distributors or agents.    Delmatic invests in local offices, staffed with experts who combine an in-depth understanding of Delmatic technology with an insight into the local culture and regional challenges.
Delmatic currently has four main offices in the region (Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai and Riyadh) from which we offer a comprehensive service.  We work with clients and consultants from the initial stages of concept design, through development of the scheme and preparation of system specifications and schematics, liaising with installers during construction and setting up periods, and handing-over a fully operational system to trained client personnel: we also provide a full range of after-sales support and on-line help.
Delmatic’s new office is, appropriately, located in Masdar City, the world’s most advanced sustainable urban development.  Masdar’s ethos matches that of Delmatic in terms of efficiency and sustainability, and lighting in our new building is controlled by the same energy-efficient Delmatic lighting management system which controls lighting throughout the adjacent Masdar Institute.    
Delmatic has been involved in Masdar City from the earliest days of the $2 billion initiative to build a totally sustainable, low carbon, zero waste, car-free city, powered entirely by renewable energy.  In 2008, Delmatic was commissioned to supply an advanced and future-proofed Dali Zero Power lighting management and energy optimisation system for the Masdar Institute - the first university in the world to focus on advanced energy and sustainable technologies – and has continued to work on further phases of the Institute.
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